5 Incredible Shipping Container Homes to Take Inspirations From

Shipping container homes are becoming a ‘thing’ for the modern generation due to its strength, durability, and sustainability. They are readily available around the world, and all you need are proper plans to build cargo container dwellings using your creative flair and a professional builder’s assistance.

They are most certainly wonderful alternatives to conventional homes, and if you are interested in them, then here are 5 shipping container homes to take inspiration from.

  • Tony’s Farm

which is the biggest organic farm in Shanghai, China! The activities are connected by different shipping containers and are developed by the architecture Playze.

  • The Savannah Project

is the container home of artist Julio Garcia in Savannah, Georgia! It features two shipping containers worked up closely to create a small post home studio.

  • The Puma City

is another architectural design to take inspiration from. It features a total of 24 shipping containers and consists of a stack of three levels of containers. They are dissembled and encased in panels to prevent the windows from shuttering at the time of shipment.

  • The Kalkin House

A contemporary home design is designed using three shipping containers. The house lies inside a large steel shed, which helps reduce the heat. And it consists of two bedrooms, ensuite washrooms, a study, and a kitchen.

  • The Maison Container home

situating in Lille, France, consists of 8 shipping containers stacked atop one another to create an expansive residing field. An extra roof is added for sun shading, and the tunnel in the middle allows good air circulation to keep the temperature cool inside.

You don’t need to replicate the whole design for your container home. However, you most certainly can use its original design as a base for your customized home.

So, why not try these out? If you get it right, then the end results will be quite pleasing!