A Better Grocery List

Written grocery lists can sometimes be annoying, they surprisingly end up everywhere except for the place where you thought you last placed them and they’re a hassle to fold and unfold especially if you have a lot of stuff on hand. What’s more is that we tend to forget these lists on our kitchen counter even though we spent a good few minutes writing them. It’s a good thing that they are grocery list apps available in the market. Sure it might not sound that big of a deal but once you switch from the traditional pen and paper grocery lists you’d be surprised at just how useful they are.



Not only can this particular app help you digitally organize your shopping list, it can help you with coupons as well. No more annoying coupon clippings, Flipp can easily look for the best from over 800 retail stores. While it’s searching for the coupons, it matches them with the items that you added on your grocery list. How cool is that? You get to save a couple of bucks on your purchases and have an easy time buying them with the help of a single app. Just by tapping the items found on your grocery list, you’ll be able to view various coupons and offers from stores near you. Not only that but you’ll also be notified whenever coupons are nearing their expiration.


Grocery Gadget

The Grocery Gadget app is aimed to help the users create lists not just for grocery items; numerous lists for pharmaceuticals, errands, office supplies and recipes can be created. Simply add items to your list by manually typing them in or scanning the barcodes. The app can help you save up on money by comparing the prices of a certain item from various stores near you.

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