A Look at some of the Best Football Teams Ever

Football is a sport that has, through the decades, managed to establish itself as one of the major spectacles around the world, especially in countries in Europe and South America, where their country’s football team and their rivals in major matches are always the talk of the town, most of the major players of which are people you would be hearing about on sites like asia sbobet. While year after year, players have changed, with most of them playing only until their mid-30s, some teams have managed to maintain, if not, improve their status, catapulting themselves into one of the best players in the world of football. What are these teams? Let’s find out below.



When it comes to football tournaments on a global scale, Spain has won relatively plenty, with 3 of them under their belt. These are the European Championships in 2008 and again in 2012. They were also the 2010 FIFA World Cup championship title holders. The team for Spain is formed mostly by the Real Madrid and Barcelona Teams.

Real Madrid

While they are one of the teams that form Spain’s national team, Real Madrid has managed to establish itself as one of the best, with their strongest years being the late 50s to the 1960s, having won what is not known as the Champions League, with their peak moment being Eintracht Frankfurt’s 7-3 goal in the final in 1960.

West Germany

The team made it on to this list as it had some of the strongest players, such as BertiVOgts, Gerd Muller, and Franz Beckenbauer, who has managed to lead the team, being one of the most famous in it. They managed to win the European Championships in 1972, and 2 years after, bagged the World Cup title.