Biggest Flaws of This Generation of Video Game Consoles

With the Wii U being released later this year, the seventh generation of video game consoles is coming to a close. While I love every home system that is available now, each one does have its annoying quirks. Here are some of the worst flaws I have found with this generation of gaming consoles. The rankings of the video games should be noticed when they buy lol accounts from the online websites. The system can be installed in the home and personal computer of the players. The engagement of the players will be excellent. 

PlayStation 3

HDD Reformat

The failure rate for the PS3 wasn’t as high as the Xbox 360’s. Although, if your PS3 did get the Yellow Light of Death due to hardware failure, another annoying problem surfaced. The PS3 automatically reformats every HDD that is put into it. If your PS3 breaks and you get another one, all your saved game data is lost. This is ridiculous. Owners should have the option to reformat or not. When a 360 breaks, you can easily switch HDDs without losing content. Hopefully, the PlayStation 4 will not force owners to reformat if they want to switch out HDDs.

Only Certain PS3s Are Backwards Compatible

When the PS3 was first released, there were a few models that had backwards compatibility with PlayStation 2 games. Since the PS2 remains one of the most beloved and best-selling consoles, gamers hoped PS3 would capitalize on that. However, Sony never did. As this generation got older, fewer systems were able to play PS2 games. Now, every new PS3 isn’t backwards compatible. While it might cost more to include the ability to play older games, most gamers think it’s worth it. With the PS4, I hope Sony will have a less confusing and more streamlined way to deal with bringing older games to a newer console.

Xbox 360

Disc Tray

When Microsoft released the new S-model 360, gamers got excited. It’s quieter and better built than the older models. However, the disc tray remained and actually got worse. On S-model 360s, the button to open and close the tray is so sensitive that dusting the console can cause it to pop open. One wrong move, and the tray can become damaged. I had to send my S model back to Microsoft a few weeks after I purchased it because of this reason. For the next Xbox console, Microsoft should have a disc drive similar to the PS3 and Wii.

Failure Rate

Of course, the biggest flaw of the Xbox 360 occurred in the console’s early years. From the time it was released in 2005, gamers started having hardware failure problems. It was estimated at one point that nearly 50 percent of 360s were breaking. While this unfortunate trend seems to be slowing down now, the Red Ring of Death will be remembered as the biggest flaw of the seventh generation.


Too Much Focus on Motion Control

When the Wii was released in 2006, it was packaged with Wii Sports. This simple, yet addictive collection of mini games got the attention of gamers. However, the Wii didn’t offer a standard controller for titles that didn’t rely on motion control. This often made traditional games more difficult to control. The focus on motion also caused tons of poorly developed “party” games to be released. The Wii U plans to have a traditional controller available for its games.

Poor Online Play

When it comes to online play, the Xbox 360 and PS3 are years ahead of the Wii. Very few Wii games even have the option to play them online. In order to play with someone else online with the Wii, gamers need to exchange complicated codes. These confusing and unsupported online features have also hurt the company’s efforts at attracting multiplayer gamers. Hopefully, the Wii U’s online system will be improved.

While no video game console is perfect, I hope with the next generation, the big three makers decide to address and eliminate some of the bigger flaws. We’ll find out about the Wii U this Christmas, but it might be another year or two for the next PlayStation and Xbox.