Black Ops 4: The Gameplay

If you are a player of first-person shooting games, then you ought to know about the latest installment of the Black Ops Series, which is Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Having been released just last October 12, 2018, it serves as the 15th series of the entire Call of Duty sets of games. Despite its newness, some players have already noticed glitches to the interface that works just like a black ops 4 hack in a sense that it gives them an unfair advantage over the other players. These glitches come in the point-of-view of the camera, as well as the map. Here is a better look into the different gameplays.



There are new additions among the characters from Black Ops III, namely Crash, Ajax, Recon, and Torque. There also are five maps which include Nuketown, Summit, Firing Range, Jungle, and Slums, which would be available in the month of November fully. Among the changes are predictive recoil patterns, a hit style and projective damage for a mixed ballistics system, as well as better customization of weapons. There also are operator mods for weapons.


A battle royale game mode will be the stand-in for a campaign mode. The mode is inclusive of the biggest Call of Duty title map, and the players will have to compete, based on locations that appeared in former Black Ops games. there are up to 100 players for the blackout round who can play, where teams of up to 4 players could play. In this gameplay, players will be competing against each other using various locations, which has appeared in other Black Ops games as well. The mode also has land, sea, and air vehicles which players can choose to use as  their means of getting around the map. There also are special modes like close quarters, and fast-collapse.