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Social media and business are two words which have different meanings, but they are most definitely connected, because when doing online marketing, you cannot escape learning how to use the largest, most visited sites in the world.Even if you’re focusing on SEO, social media shares and links from social media pages are a vital thing to have if you want to build a natural looking link profile.Think about it, if people were actually linking to you because they liked your site, and wanted to share it with their friends, wouldn’t there be just as many tweets of your site as there would be home page back links?This is where a lot of people screw up when doing SEO on their sites, they forget that Google has changed their algorithms over and over again to try to punish spam and link building for the sake of link building by structuring their search engine to find the sites that are actually popular.Most people have a Facebook or Twitter profile these days, and most people don’t have a blog or website, so if you are actually popular among the general population, what you would expect to see is a larger amount of social shares than links being built from articles and blogs.

Right now, I’m doing SEO on my site from this blog post, by linking to an article I just wrote, which links back to my site. The article I wrote was social media business marketing techniques.I only linked from the first part of the title, as I’m actually trying to rank it for social media business if possible, and it may do so, because I plan on building more back links to it as part of the link pyramid that ultimately leads to my site.Now, apart from building a link pyramid of high quality, original, 400 word articles, I’m also getting people to share my site on their Facebook wall, and getting random people to tweet it.These social links add to the authority of the do follow article and blog links that I’ve built, and instantly increase rankings.I can prove that by showing you, but it’s what I did on my first SEO campaign which ranked a site selling skin whitening products second on the first page for that phrase, which has 2,400 exact match searches a month, and is a buyer keyword.I did that in six months, for only $150 a month, as I couldn’t charge the regular price of about double that, until I was sure that I actually knew what I was talking about, and could provide results in this post Panda SEO environment.Anyway, I’m going to do one of the things I often do when writing blog posts like these, and link out to an additional site or two 

with high authority, related to the subject I’m talking about, which is social media marketing Why did I just link out to a Wikipedia page that has nothing for sale on it, and no links to my site? Because it’s a huge authority page, and nobody is ever going to beat that site for that search, so why not keep it up the top of a search on social media marketing, so that maybe people try a different search like mine, which is now social marketing services , and get me.Click on that last link if you want to get in touch with me about my SEO and social media marketing services, as I do know what I’m talking about, and can help you with anything you want, or need to do.

YouTube has changed the way it pays video creators. One says his earnings have recently “taken a huge nose dive.

If you want to buy youtube views for cheap pops, then this platform isn’t for you as social media marketing services aren’t really into this business so it is better to try your luck elsewhere even though a small notoriety is all that today’s youngsters want just for the sake of fame.