Buying Your Car Insurance Online – Pros and Cons

Shopping on the Internet has never been easier. Nowadays you can buy your groceries, send birthday gifts and even order rental DVDs with the click of your mouse. Really, there is no reason why you should ever have to leave your house. Agoraphobics rejoice!

But is it a wise idea to try and shop for auto insurance on the internet? And even if you do get “the lowest rate possible” (a claim made by a multitude of car insurance sites), how do you know if this company will exist in six months? Even worse, will your credit information be safe when you sign up for car insurance on the internet? How do you know you aren’t sending your delicate financial information to a hacker in Nairobi?


You Can Get a Lot of Quotes From One Source-Many auto insurance websites offer to find the best deal for you based on your location, age, gender and driving history. They will even shop competitor’s rates and will actually show you if their rates are lower. There are also moving websites that offer to contact 10 moving companies to find you the lowest rate so other firms have copied the concept. It can never hurt to shop around and auto insurance websites are best used in this manner.

It Saves Time-In our hectic daily lives we rarely find the time to sit down and call all of the auto insurance carriers listed in the phone book. And who still has a phone book? By shopping on the internet you can get quotes from a number of carriers in a short period of time and then you can decide which one to buy. You see, modern life can sometimes be a little bit simpler. When a person will compare car insurance, online research should be done online at websites. The process should be simple and easy for the car owner. The driving of the vehicle is easy and without any fear of accident. The running of the vehicle is smooth at the road with plenty of advantages. 


The Internet Doesn’t Allow You to Develop a Personal Relationship With Your Auto Insurance Carrier-If you aren’t on a first name basis (or any name basis, for that matter), it makes it a lot more difficult to file a claim when you have an accident. A lot of these “no name” inexpensive auto insurance companies have “automated telephone lines” that force you to press a lot of buttons just to talk to a representative. Bigger, more established companies usually set you up with an actual agent that is the only person you should need to call in case something bad happens. And relationships like these usually need to be established over the telephone or in person.

Your Financial Info is Not 100% Safe on the Internet-While it doesn’t happen very often, hackers have been able to gain access to financial information as it is being transferred over the internet. If you don’t feel comfortable taking the chance, go visit a car insurance agent in person.