If you have ever purchased a food product and noticed this ingredient, you probably never realized what it is, but this article will help you clear any doubts. Carrageenan is a little additive mostly in almond or coconut milk as an emulsifier or thickener. It is a family of linear sulfated polysaccharide. There are actually two forms of this ingredient;

  • Degraded
  • Under graded

Degraded carrageenan is not approved for food products while under graded is approved.carrogeenanMost of the infant formulas in the market contain this ingredient and it is becoming increasingly popular. Although there has been a lot of discussion on the ingredient, it is usually wise to see what experts are saying on the matter since the internet is full of opinions. If you are not careful, you can start entertaining wrong thoughts in this ingredient.  The fact is that this ingredient has been used for centuries in food preparations among the ancient communities of the world.

Animal studies

There have been several human studies to suggest that carrageenan has harmful side effects on the intestines. However, a closer look at the studies indicates another interesting point. These studies were conducted with the degraded form of the ingredient, which is usually not approved for human products. So this form of the ingredient is not actually the one that is used in milk products and other food substances.carrageenanThey are extracted from red edible sea weeds. The main application of this ingredient is in meat and dairy products as they have very powerful thickening and stabilizing properties. Because of their properties, these ingredients can form gels at room temperature. The other three main classes of this ingredient in its commercial from include;

  • Kappa
  • Lotta
  • Lambda

All of these versions are soluble in hot water. You can find more info about this ingredient though a health expert.

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