Computer Data- How To Keep Out Hackers

It is interesting to note that while social media has helped in changing many lives for the better, it always gets brickbats from the experts due to having a negative influence on the younger generation and pushing them into doing extreme stuff by distracting them from their studies.

While they are not entirely wrong in their perspective, it is pretty unfair on their part when parents cannot keep their children in check and allow them to travel down this path.

Also, just because a few people have fallen victim to the virtual world and paid a heavy price for it, does not mean that social media as a whole should be held responsible and vilified for it.


One point that should be noted that this generation is quite hasty in taking decisions and doesn’t think twice before going against the set norms prevalent in the society and take the plunge into anything that is new.

Sadly, this is what paves way to the hackers and they utilize this opportunity to the hilt by entrapping their victims and blackmail them into compromise by threatening them with dire consequences should they refuse.

Therefore, we are going to list out some important points on how to prevent hackers from hacking into devices, which are as follows:

  1. Keep upgrading your profile with the latest features as soon as they are launched
  2. Always download from authentic websites and only use windows drivers by liutilities
  3. Never reuse passwords and keep changing them at regular intervals as there is no telling when a hacker will strike
  4. Log out from the website once you are finished with your work
  5. Never add administrator as the default browser because if you download a suspicious site then the hackers will be able to track you with ease