Copa-America Fever

Everyone has been affected with the fever of football and everyone is excited about hasil bola. Yes! The season of football has begun. In one continent the Europeans are fighting for the euro cup under UEFA and on the other hand the Americans are fighting against each other in Copa America tournament. These are the two biggest tournaments after the FIFA.

Talking about Copa America, 16 American teams are participating in the event which includes Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay etc. The competition kicked off on 3rd June with the opening match between USA and Colombia. In which Colombia thrashes USA leading with 2-0 score. The next day we had matches between Costa Rica vs Paraguay whose outcome was a tie between the two. In the second match on the same day we had Peru defeating Haiti with a score of 1-0 and Paolo Guerrero scoring a goal in the 61th minute. The third match was between Brazil and Ecuador which was a draw again.

Germany v Argentina: 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Final

The third day had 2 matches. The Venezuelan player Josef Martinez helped his team by scoring a goal in the 15th minute of the game to achieve a victory over Jamaica. The second match was played between Mexico and Uruguay. Which turned out to be an interesting match with Mexico scoring the first goal in the 4th minute itself and then Uruguay scoring its goal in the 74th minute and then Mexico scored two goals in the 85th minute and the third goal in the 3 minutes of extra time. June 6th saw the matches between Panama and Bolivia which led to the victory of Panama over Bolivia with a score of 2-1.

That had another match between Argentina and Chile. The opening goal was scored by Di Maria in the first ten minutes of the second half, followed by Ever Banega scoring in the 59th minute led to the victory of Argentina. The next day we had USA fighting against Costa Rica which led to the first victory of USA that too with a score of 4-0. Colombia beats Paraguay by 2-1 the same day. The next game between Brazil and Haiti was an interesting one. Countinho did the opening score in the 14th minute and scored 3 goals in that match and overall Brazil conceded 7 goals in that match. Till now the highest scoring match in Copa America 2016.


The second match was not highlighted much because it resulted into a draw between Ecuador and Peru. On June 9th Venezuela defeats Uruguay by conceding only a single goal and Mexico beats Jamaica leading by 2-0. In match 15 Chile won over Bolivia with a score of 2-1. The next match same day saw Messi scoring a hat-trick when he was substituted in the second half and Argentina conceding 5 goals over Panama.

The next day again USA was lucky to beat Paraguay in Philadelphia. That day even Costa Rica came out to be lucky defeating Colombia by scoring 3 goals. On June 12th Ecuador had a chance of beating Haiti by a score of 4-0. That day was a shocking day for the Brazilian fans as Brazil lost against Peru and could not qualify for the quarter finals. Mexico vs Venezuela was a tie match both teams scoring a single goal. Uruguay beats Jamaica by a big margin of 3-0. The last day of the league matches saw the match of Chile and Panama. Chile scored 4 goals and Panama scored half goals as Chile. The last of the league matches was played between Argentina and Bolivia which led to the victory of Argentina with a score of 3 goals.

Today the first quarter finals is going to be played between Usa and Ecuador. All the best to all the teams.

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