Deleting Or Resetting Your Pokémon Go Account Isn’t Easy

Pokemon Go would be one of the manufacturers loved games around the world. This game is exciting and thrilling, and the best part is that it can be played on a mobile device. This makes the game readily available to the players whenever they want. Players can buy Pokemon go account, or they can create an account. Many people want to make alterations after creating their Pokemon go account. In such cases, the only option for them is to delete the pokemon account and create a new one with changed account settings and details. Deleting and resetting the Pokemon go account is not that simple. The steps of deleting the account are very simple. Though the players can delete their account right away, it does not get registered immediately.

Steps to delete Pokemon go account

Step 1

The payers will have to go to Niantic’s support website and then navigate through the Pokémon Go page. After moving to this page, they can click on the “Support” option and look for instructions for the deletion of the account. There will be an option of “How to delete Pokémon GO account?” The players can also click on the “contact us” link for more information.

Step 2

The next step has to be to fill all the required fields and review all the boxes. This step will take a couple of seconds as the players will have to write in blanks. After filling in the blanks, the users will have to submit.

Step 3

After you have clicked on the “Submit” option, you shall receive an email that will inform you about the processing of the request and that it has been received. The email will also let the users know that the account deletion is permanent, and one will not restore the account.

Step 4

After the users have read the email, they can reply to the email with “DELETE”, and press send.

After the deletion is complete, all the information and data associated with the account will be deleted, and the users will not be able to reuse the account name again. There are extremely rare cancellation operations.