Differentiating The Features Of a Mirror And a Privacy Screen Sheild

A screen protector works in two ways. It safeguards your smart phone’s screen. Your eyes also get a better viewing experience. It shields your smart phone screen so as to safeguard it against scratches or any other damaging impacts. A screen protector is made up of a special kind of film with a purpose of safeguarding your smart phone’s screen from any type of damaging effects which are possible to impact on it. Mostly the special kind of material that is used in it is a right amount of mix of nylon and silicon. You can choose your kind of screen protector from your cell phone accessories shop. As the choice varies from person to person; it is sold as an accessory so that you can select the one you like most. Mainly two kinds of screen protectors are quite popular – the Mirror Screen Protector and the Privacy Screen Protector.

It was in mid eighties that the idea of a mirror screen protector evolved for using it on the luxury class widow glasses. You can resemble it with a dark glass. It has a capability of protecting a screen from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays up to 99%. Additionally it also acts as a scratch resistant for your smart phone screen. Unless you try to remove it deliberately and compellingly, it is difficult to detach it once it is fixed, thereby staying intact for a long time. An appropriate protection is provided to the screen of your smart phone in daylight. An online Samsung Conquer 4G accessories store can be visited to buy it for your latest Samsung smart phone, the one that you find most suitable. You can also visit a nearest Motorola Droid 3 accessories store for your latest bought Motorola smart phone mirror screen protector.

Privacy Screen Protector which is also a specific purpose screen, on the other hand, has a different kind of functioning. Therefore it has a different kind of technology. Its main functionality is to enable you to view your smart phone screen and read only if you keep it in a proper direction to your eyes probably at an angle of 90 degrees. Its function can be compared with a 3-D screen which shows you two different pictures when moved in different directions thereby making a special kind of angle with your eyes. Basically it gives you a tool to safeguard your screen’s contents from others. Even if the screen is visible to others, nobody will be able to see what is on display on the screen. It is only you who know to set an angle with your eyes to the screen that will enable you to view everything correctly.

These are also scratch resistant and protect your eyes from UV rays which are harmful for your health and these glasses can be purchased in a considering budget by using torguard promo for discount and its good to purchase them online for some other additional benefits. If you work and stay most of the time between many people around and want to keep your smart phone screen’s privacy intact, it is the right kind of product for you. These screens do fine with any kind of smart phones whether having touch screen or otherwise.

Basically, we have seen above that both – Mirror Screen Protector and Privacy Screen Protector have entirely different purpose and functionality but still they carry some commonalities between them too. Both the screens have something important to provide to your smart phone, depending on whether you require it or not.