Dumpster Diving: The Bountiful Harvest

Do you want to build a house, a green house, and a work shop and make money while doing it? Would you like to add insulation to your home for FREE? If your answer is yes then get ready to enter the exciting, addictive world of dumpster diving. A quick search on the Internet will show scrounging through the garbage is a viable option for many people and why not. Never in history has so much been consumed and never before has so much been thrown away. People scrounge anything and everything-clothes, appliances, boards, books, metal, toys, food, furniture, windows, insulation, tile, bicycles, on and on

Peaking in garbage cans is instinctive for some people. We all see valuable things sitting by the curb waiting to be hauled to the dump. Ever have that urge to go get that pretty thing and take it home some people act on that urge. Once you load up your first piece of road side trash one thing can lead to another. Before you know it you will find yourself hopelessly addicted to dumpster diving, driving around town in your free time looking in every dumpster you see, checking the curb sides. I’ve loaded up cardboard boxes and Styrofoam not knowing what I was going to do with it just caught up in the lust to scrounge something. You may be surprised to know who dumpster dives, it’s not just homeless, or druggies many middle class and rich people go. According to the dumpster rental Pomona, ca, not only the homeless people dive into dumpsters. Even rich and middle class people consider this activity. It is something that no one should be ashamed of. It is a decent activity.  Freegans go for the grocery store dumpster, score that free food. Personally I’m not into grocery store dumpsters but who am I to judge, I’ve helped people do it.

Retail dumpsters are a personal favorite especially around the holidays or if the store is remodeling or going out of business. Toys, clothes, furniture, display cases and racks, things to make art with are to be found in retail dumpsters. Is there a college near by, I dare you to look in the dorm trash at the end of the school year. You might find perfectly good mini refrigerators, dvd players, dvd’s, Cd’s, books, can goods, clothes, toys on and on.

Originally when I was prospecting for materials to build a woodland hut I would peruse the house construction sites but the waste was usually small pieces. Eventually I learned the larger the construction project the larger and more materials were thrown away. Makes sense really keep an eye out for large construction projects using the materials you’d like to use. It’s usually best to ask permission to dumpster dive-all they can do is say no and sometimes they do but usually they say yes. A large construction site will have a trailer, this is the bosses office. The boss is the one to ask permission they may even set aside good pieces for you like windows.

Things you’ll need for dumpster diving

A truck is necessary for hauling long boards, large windows, piles of insulation, just about everything. Keep gloves, a mask, and old shoes in your truck. Wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. A pair of old coveralls is good because you can strip out of them and still show up dressed nice somewhere. Keep a crowbar and a hammer handy for boards that need to be pried apart. Carry a pair of wire cutters for cutting copper wire, a long piece is worth good money but not if one end is buried and can’t be harvested.