Experience Advance Keratin Treatment For Shiny Hair

What is Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment is the process of hair treatment for healthier, softer, longer and shiny hair. Keratin coating gives hair a smooth finish which makes it amazingly simple to style. No wonder, Keratin treatment has grown to great popularity throughout the world. Keratin is present in skin, nail, tooth and hair. In hair, damaged Keratin makes the hair look dirty and fragile. In Keratin treatment, hair follicles are coated making the hair shaft smooth. After applying the bonds of Keratin, the second layer of hair or cortex is changed.

The structure of hair on the inside of the hair shaft is changed by Keratin which then bonds and sticks on the outside of the hair follicle. The experience of men and women is the best one with inoar moroccan keratin products. The follicle of the hair is the strongest one. You can know about the products to have the best results. The use of the best products is the beneficial one for the people.

Keratin hair treatment is applicable to all types of chemically treated hair e. g colored, permed, bleached or highlights type of treated hair. It can be very suitable for correcting curly, damaged, frizzy, unhealthy looking or dull hair. The treatment can be applied on children from 6 years of age, teens and adults.

Popular Keratin Treatment can be purchased on line or in salons. There have been of late some controversies regarding the product used for this treatment. For natural and virgin hair, the product does not contain formaldehyde. For more porous and bleached hair a small quantity of formaldehyde is used. The formaldehyde in this version of the product aids the porous hair where the hair shaft is split open. However, use of formaldehyde is often objected to owing to its bad effect on health. As a cautionary measure therefore, users are advised to choose products which do not contain formaldehyde or at best use those having less than 2% formaldehyde.

Keratin Treatment Benefit

A big Keratin Treatment Benefit is that your hair needs very little maintenance after the first 3 days of setting in. The Keratin treatment lasts for three to five months during which period you can wash or style your hair without undue care. You have to use a blower every morning and that is all that may be necessary leaving you enough spare time for other business.

Fashionable hair demands that it should be colored, crimped or treated and practically all women have resorted to hair styling on occasions. These processes probably dried and damaged your hair. The Keratin Treatment has a strong point in that it moisturizes your hair which repairs the damage and removes the dullness of the hair and retains the effect. The moisturizing effect stays even if the straightening effect loses its firmness.

Keratin Treatment is somewhat costly compared to other types of hair treatment. A keratin treatment in the salon may cost anything from 300 to 600 dollars. Since the treatment lasts for about 3 to 5 months, it could set you back by more than a thousand dollars on an annual basis.

A Keratin treatment can also be done at home, which would be much cheaper. However, since you have to work with a flat iron set at temperature as high as 450 degrees, it would be advisable to get the services of an experienced hand. In case it is not available, salon is the only option.