Fallout Shelter Tips-Earn Caps, Make Babies


It is free to play mobile simulation video game & is developed by Bethesda Game Studio & published by Bethesda Softworks. It is produced by Craig Lafferty. It was released worldwide on 14 June 2015 for Ios & on 13 August 2015 for Android devices. Critics enjoyed the core game play & its visual style. The game’s lack of depth, use of unnecessary micro transactions & its lack of ending are the common criticisms. But it received mostly positive reviews upon its release. The fallout shelter tips are listed below

Few Fallout Shelter tips that must be kept in mind are listed below

  • Build with purpose: Building two rooms next to each other they join offers better performance. Adding rooms requires extra electricity output.

  • Adding rooms: To add couple of essential rooms such as Power Station & water treatment is the first thing that Fallout Shelter teaches you. Adding rooms require more power & some other facilities will go dark if you don’t have dwellers assigned to that room. Make sure you have enough Dwellers to staff Power station.
  • Dweller skills: You’ll get number popping on screen when you touch & drag a Dweller to particular room. It indicates their productivity. Adding the person to that room is completely useless if you get a zero. To make our point we’ll again use the Power Station. Tap & view the stats & skills before adding Dweller to the room.
  • Completing Objectives: By tapping Pip-Boy icon at bottom right of the screen, you can find the objective & see if there’s anything that can be knocked off easily. Tap Dweller to bring up the character & assign them an outfit. Doing this can reward you with caps or lunchbox.


  • Earning more caps: Caps are currency. Completing objective is the best way to get caps.
  • Making some babies: You have to populate the living quarters with people to increase number of Dwellers. This increases output & makes the game easier. Place dwellers into job they like, give them breaks in lounges or or place unhappy dweller with one opposite sex.

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