Famous E-Liquid Brands In Use Today

E-liquids are an essential part of E-Cigarettes. They add flavour to your pleasure and this flavour varies depending on the brand and make of the e-liquid. Here is a list of the famous e-liquid brands and the flavours of e-liquids that are available with them.

Halo: The “Purity” line of Halo e-liquid stands out in the crowd with its unique and refreshing flavour. Their flavours are so good that they have won Choice Award for not one but four flavours. If you are thoughtful about switching to a different brand, you can use their Sample packs and you will find yourself liking the flavour it carries. The Tribeca flavour is one that you will find yourself falling in love with. Their price is also quite considerable in comparison with other brands.


Vista Vapor: Vista Vapor has one of the largest selection of e-liquid flavours that is available i the market. Though it has been only a few years since its introduction, it has earned quite a reputation for itself. The positive aspect of using this brand is that you can choose the level of nicotine content that you want in your e-liquid. You can also choose from 160 varieties and the price at which it comes is pretty cheap too.

Mt. Baker Vapor: This e-liquid provider has been around for ages now and comes in about 158 flavours. This is one of the most ancient brands of American e-juice manufacturers that can be banked on in terms of flavour. Moreover, the price at which you can get these e-liquids is pretty decent. They have a great shipping routine wherein you get your order delivered within a day’s time and the customer service that they provide is also reliable. As a brand that you can trust, Mt. Baker Vapor stands true to its age.


Black Note: If rich flavour and quality in tobacco e-liquids is what you are looking for in e-liquids, then you have found the ultimate match in Black Note. Though they are expensive, this brand is quite popular for their safe way of extracting the flavour of tobacco. They are equipped with excellent customer support, attractive site and quick delivery which give them the edge over the other brands. The only drawback is that they provide only tobacco flavoured e-liquids.

Mig Vapor: This brand of e-liquid is pretty famous for its unique variety range and is hence is said to be one of the best in the market. They have redone their website recently which matches their dandy style of e-liquid range. Moreover, they have also added a new Vimanna Vapor e-liquid which also has a great flavour. The best part is the low rate at which they offer the e-liquids.


E-liquids are a healthy way of smoking when compared to smoking a cigarette. Moreover, this cheap e juice is also highly preferred when a person is trying to quit from his smoking habit. They serve as a good way of staying healthy and is highly recommended for people who suffer from cancer.

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