Fashion Trends to Avoid: My Anti-Look Book

Not everything in fashion and beauty is a super hit. As much as I love writing about trends that I adore, perhaps equally as much there are trends that I don’t. And here recently, I am overwhelmed by how many things I do not like. 

Before I delve any further in this much needed beauty rant, I like to say that I respect anybody else’s style that may incorporate these. Generally speaking, I just don’t think they work. Perhaps this just isn’t my “era” of style; I’m a vintage girl at heart. But these trends – man, oh man – I can’t stand. 

First and foremost: Neon. 

Do people really want to look like a fluorescent roadwork sign? 

I walked into Gordman’s the other day and they have an entire section of neon. Then, I found a similar section in Forever 21. It literally makes me squint. It’s visually offensive, even in the slightest. One website I love for fashion is Chictopia. There are so many great outfits, but then they pair it with a hot pink clutch. What? That kind of attention should be reserved for side-road bicyclists and those officers who direct traffic. 

I mean, the entire outfit gets directed to whatever neon piece you wear. It’s not your fault, per se. It’s how our brains work. Our eye will be drawn to the brightest color first. If that is what you’re wanting then fine. But these accessories – bangles, vests, graphics – just distract from what people could be noticing first, say your curves or long legs. Having a great hair day? You ruin in with your loud earrings. 

And you know what I think is probably the worst combo in my lifetime’s fashion? Neon animal prints. 

Leopards aren’t lime. Nor are they shaded like a highlighter gone mad. It’s like Lisa Frank threw up on your shirt. Stop it. 

Speaking of shirts, why are they so thin? 

At the risk of sounding like a grandma, they just don’t make shirts like they used to. It’s hard to find a single spaghetti strap that doesn’t show your bra underneath (or one without a racerback). Nowadays, you need a cami for your cami. Or if you get a t-shirt, you have to layer it with about 2 under shirts so people don’t see your front girls. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks it’s a way for the clothing companies to make more money. Yeah, “the layered look”! Right… 

And finally, a trend that is entirely overblown: The Sequin Top. 

Are you going for the disco ball look? Want to blind people with the sun’s reflection? Then, this is the look for you. To me, this only works at the “clubs”, which is probably why I’m not fan because I don’t think I’ve ever been to a legit club before. But, I saw a woman at Walmart rocking a sequin top; instead of wearing a Abaya UK dress which is mostly preferred by old ladies who are not comfortable in wearing t-shirts. You know, just grocery shopping. I feel like she should’ve had her own techno soundtrack following her wherever she goes. Drop it like it’s hot, momma. Drop that look, anyway. 

There are all looks we dislike. Maybe all of these are just too futuristic for me. But c’mon, truthfully, any styles you just loathe?