Finding your forgotten Wi-Fi Password

Wi-Fi is a very essential thing in our lives and is required at every step for connecting to multiple devices for fast internet speed. It is a normal scenario where you keep all your devices connected to Wi-Fi automatically and as soon as the device is in the Wi-Fi range it provides you internet connection. The routine goes on until one fine day you realise that due to some reason you device is unable to connect automatically and demanding the password. On setting up the Wi-Fi you tend to create a long, difficult and secured password but most of the times there is a possibility that you forget the password. There are many ways to retrieve the lost or forgotten password and some of the simplest solution is provided by through their efficient tools and sound assistance. wifi-password-hacker-apk-2016-free-download-300x300

It is very easy to retrieve the default password if you haven’t changed your first password as it is written clearly behind the router along with the SSID network. The problem doesn’t even arise when you want to retrieve password for a network that you are already connected to but the biggest trouble comes when you want to know the password of a network that you are currently not connected to. The internet is probably flooding with tools, tutorials and guidance that provides step by step process of recovering or finding out the lost password but not everyone is a computer geek to understand them. Most of the tools available online are customised for people who have Linux Certifications or are networking experts because from the screenshots and coding presented it is evident are difficult to understand.unnamed

Wifi Passer’s provide many tools which can be used for free from their site and are developed with an intention to genuinely help people remember their forgotten password. The tools are designed so easily that it can be used by anyone without any knowledge about networking. All the steps that needs to be followed while trying to find out the lost password are well defined and provides complete assistance in the process. Using the tools from them can be one of the easiest ways to recover the passwords. The tools understand certain combinations and will probably open up previously used passwords that might help you to recover the forgotten password.

The tools designed by them are available for free to use and helps people with least knowledge of internet as well to decode the password. The elements of the tools also helps in finding a password list, try to decode the network password through combination check and is a complete guide for anyone intending to recover lost password. If it is about retrieving password for a connected device, it is very easy and all you have to know is the type of encryption. Most of the Wi-Fi networks have WPA-2 personal encryption making it common for almost all networks. After choosing the network, click on properties and followed by tick on show characters checkbox. It will display the used network password. The tools from Wi-FiPasser are very efficient even in recovering not connected passwords.

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