Get Tefl Certification In Maximo Nivel Institute

Well maximo nivel is an international education institute that caters to provide educational courses such as TEFL certification, ESL certification, cultural and adventure programs and international internship programs.  It has a range of programs in 3 beautiful countries Costa Rica, Peru and Guatemala.  Actually TEFL certification or Teaching English as a Foreign language is a course that allows the teacher to teach English speaking to non native speakers in different parts of the world such as Spain, France, Germany etc. The recruiters or the institutes which recruit the people ask for TEFL or TOFEL certification because it is the essential organization that sets the people to ask for the relative TEFL certifications.  The Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru are the nations where the maximonivel has its study centers.

TEFL certification is the degree that qualifies a person for teaching English to students of foreign countries and understanding that these people have the requisite qualifications for teaching English to right people. So this certification is given by the maximo nivel. The international organization initiated in 2003 and is a family based organization. It is already a huge name in the 3 nations. Here are some of the programs offered by the institute:


  • Volunteer abroad
  • International internship program for students
  • Native Spanish program for students
  • Spanish camps
  • TEFL certification( the most important program)
  • Gap yearly programs
  • Cultural programs
  • University studied abroad
  • High schooling abroad

The institution is currently working with 4000 students and it has various training platforms both practical and virtual which would allow the institute to garnish more practical training revenues for the company. practical training is what where emphasis is laid more by the institutes since the recruiting companies demand right sort of experience for teaching English as a subject.


The goal of the institution is to deliver the students with the highest quality and safest programs in the long run. Improve the impact of every volunteered project site where the institute works. The institute also organizes excellent internship and training program for the students so that the students can learn the subjects practically and theoretically well. This internship program would certainly give them the exposure to the teaching methods. Because as previously also mentioned what the recruiters monitor`s the hours of virtual training and program which would give the right sort of exposure to the students.

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