Hat Yai: A Great Travel Destination

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Asia. It is known for its unique culture, beautiful white sand beaches, and ancient temples that until today, remain an architectural and aesthetic wonder despite the fact that a lot of these structures were erected hundreds, or even thousands of years ago. While there are several cities for you to choose from, when it comes to tourists coming from other neighbouring Asian countries, one of the most popular is Hat Yai, one of the cities located in Thailand’s Southern Gulf Coast, and is the 4th largest city in the entire country.Travel by bus to HatyaiThailand is a country that could be accessed in many ways, and getting to Hat Yai could be done in many ways, specifically either through plane, bus, train, or minivan, and that is of course, depending on where you come from. Should you come from neighbouring countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, or other cities in Thailand, the best means for you to do so is to Travel by bus to Hatyai. There are several routes which you could make use of, but ultimately, Hat Yai has a large bus station where buses of different origins either send to or fetch the passengers from.

Should you opt to travel by bus, make sure to buy tickets only at the ticket stations, and not from other outside agencies, as all these could cause you to unnecessarily spend more than what you could have. The rates depend on the routes, as some origins tend to be more costly than others. 

Kinds of Buses

Different origins have different buses that could take you to Hat Yai. Some are classier than others. The following are the specific types of buses you can expect to take you to the place. If you want an extra comfortable travel experience, then VIP Buses are available. These are not only air-conditioned, but also equipped with entertainment and a comfort room, should the need to relieve yourself arise while travelling. There are other kinds of buses however, for those who wish to travel on a budget. Travel by bus to Hatyai

Travel Ease

Apart from the buses, travelling to Hat Yai is one of the most comfortable as well, depending on origin, the time it takes to get to Hat Yai isn’t really that long. There are also plenty of resorts, hotels, and beautiful scenery that you get to see during your stay in Hat Yai.    


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