How to Create Online Sales Copy that Sells Your Product

Learning copywriting is one of the most important things you can do if you are trying to sell a product on the internet. Whether that product is a service, an object such as a book, a piece of jewelry or whatever you need to know how to create the wording on your sales letter for your opening page on your website if you want to really sell your product. As you find email address of your potential customers you should connect with them through any means possible so that you can pitch your product and make an impact on them. Creating online sales copy and sharing it with your customer you can establish a credible image in front of them as well. 

Here are some tips for creating an ad copy for your website.

  • Don’t try to hide your sales message. Beginning copyrighters often start out thinking that people will be offended by an upfront sales message, but in truth, people will prefer and respect an upfront sales message. Creating a lot of filler in order to hide the sales message just annoys prospects, and will, in fact, cause them to go somewhere else rather than continue reading. So, create a straight forward sales message with the information for what you want prospects to do. For example: Sign up for my newsletter now and get free romance reads, or Purchase Getting Out Alive and receive Destiny’s Choices absolutely free.

These are just examples that I’ve used in creating sales copy to sell my romance books, but you get the idea.

  1. Tell your website visitors how they will benefit from your product. This is very important because otherwise why would they bother to buy from you. In my case, I want to sell romance novels, so for me, the obvious benefit is escaping from the reality of present-day life. I talk about things like being able to relax and enjoy a good story that will take your mind off your troubles for example. Another great example of this is the Calgon commercials. You know the ones that have the woman relaxing in her bathtub, and the caption is “Calgon, take me away.” Calgon did a really good job of showing what the benefit of their product was.

  1. Some people think that if you give your customers dozens of options that it will make you appear to be more trustworthy. However, studies have shown that the fewer options you give a customer for what you want them to do, the more you will sell. So, don’t put a navigation bar at the top of your sales copy that will take your customers away from the sales page before they’ve even had a chance to see what you are offering. Instead, only provide one or two links and put them towards the bottom of the sales copy so your prospects have a chance to read what you are offering them, and what the benefits will be before they begin searching through the whole of your website
  1. Tell your prospects how the product you are selling has benefited you. Testimonials are a good way to show people the benefits of your products, and if you have used the product yourself then this helps to lend credence to what you are selling. Also, people like to read true stories and hear about other people’s experiences. If you can catch their attention in this fashion, your prospects will be more likely to read the entire page and buy your product.
  1. For your headline use Tahoma font in a dark red color and that is around size 16, oh, and bold the headline. Studies have shown that prospects will be drawn to a headline in this font and color, and hence they will be more likely to continue reading your sales copy if you use it. And if you want your prospects to be soothed by what they are reading then use Georgia font for the rest of your sales copy page.

  1. Go easy when using italics, bold and underlines. You should only use these for important words and phrases throughout your sales copy that you want to draw your prospect’s attention to. If you overuse them then your prospects will become numb and be less likely to notice the information you want them to notice.

These are just a few tips for writing sales copy that will get you sales. I have found them to be very useful when selling my books, but in truth, they can be used to help you sell anything from a service to multiple products.