How To Make Money On Winter Biking Ktrak

Winter bike is a special construction, which is attached to the bike instead of wheels, allowing you to seamlessly navigate through the snow and ice.

Winter bike to ride in deep snow and smooth sliding surface. A special feature is such a big opportunity to drive on the mountain slopes.

The developer of this design is the company Ktrak. The equipment consists of skis instead of a steering wheel and rear-wheel drive. Everything is set at the base of the bike without special tools. It’s the same thing and replaces the wheel. The Ktrak system for winter Cycling is suitable for almost any mountain and a road bike.

Appreciate the driving dynamics on the winter bike on

Riding on this bike is very dynamic and sufficiently stable on skis is much easier to fall than snegovaya equipment Ktrak.

How to make money on winter Biking Ktrak?

First of all – direct sales of equipment. You can sign an exclusive dealership contract and sell wholesale to sports shops in the city and region.

You can arrange the item retail, but then you will need to work very well on is. Few people know what exists. Due to the fact that the main audience is young people – hire a group of guys who will skate in places of congestion of potential buyers. This will be the most effective advertising.

  • the circuit Assembly winter bike
  • Lease winter bike Ktrak

In addition to direct sales of the equipment, you can arrange a lease under-equipped winter bike in crowded places. This is a variety of parks, recreation, ski base. In the winter you can find a lot of places where your services are needed.

Bicycle rental may be more attractive for the end-user since one set from the manufacturer costs 25,000 rubles.

This is unique entertainment that is popular among young people. In several cities, it has already tested on the Russian market.