If You Love Soccer, Try These 5 Blogs This Summer!

The internet is filled with blogs on different topics, and soccer is trending always. Almost no person on earth dislikes soccer, even the ones who don’t like sports much could just sit a whole day watching football matches, given that the match offers sufficient amount of excitement. However, summer is around the corner and if you are looking forward to reading some interesting materials for a good time pass, we would recommend you to take soccer as your good read this summer. There’s a whole lot of soccer blogs I can really recommend you to, and if you haven’t been much into soccer in the past then these materials would be able to provide you with information you could use in your next buddies’ hangout.

Read this article further to discover more about soccer blogs, here’s a list of 10 websites.


  • Africa Football Shop

African football history is pretty rich, and even in the current era the players from Africa are doing pretty well – in an overall statement of course. However, if you tend to be interested about African football updates, player and team analysis and news coverage on the teams then Africa Football Shop is the website you would love to follow. The blog is owned by Ed Dove who happen to be a great editor and knows where to put the most priority in. If you want to see how the teams like Cape Verde, Ghana or Ivory Coast are doing in world football, then Africa Football Shop is the blog to follow.

  • Bayern Central

Not every blog is centered towards a specific club, but Bayern Central is. If you are a dead serious follower of FC Bayern Munich, then the Bayern Central blog is certainly going to be your primary bookmark website for this summer. Upon loading the home page for the first time, we have found out the feed is filled up with a combination of featured articles, statistical analyses of the team and the players, tactical analyses of past games, fan surveys on different aspects and also there was a pretty much in-depth report on how the club is managing their finances so far. On overall judgment, the Bayern Central blog would be a great central hub for anyone who is following the club seriously. They post pretty much 1 or 2 blog posts every day!

  • The Botafogo Star

Brazil is one of the top South American football teams in the history of football, and everyone knows how many crazy fans Brazilian football team has all across the world. If you consider yourself to be one of the dead serious Brazilian fans, it’s almost mandatory that you follow The Botafogo Star blog today. Because, here you get to know which rising football player is going to be the next Brazilian star. People get to know players like Neymar, Philippe Coutinho, Oscar etc. when they show up on European stars, but these stars are generally marked by The Botafogo Star website way before anyone else does. For an overall understanding of the Brazilian domestic football, we prefer you read this website’s posts. They post around 4 to 6 posts each month.


  • The False 9

The False 9 website puts the highest focus on the Premier League, however they also cover news and events that are happening around the world in regular football. All these coverage and reports are covered with much precise details, and any football fan would be able to find out the necessary details on a specific match or tournament. The website posts 3 to 5 posts per month and these posts are around 750 to 1250 words in length. Well, comparing with the other competitors online The False 9 seems to be less active, but the contents on this website will surely compensate for the readers’ thirst for knowledge.

  • BeNeFoot

In Football, Northern Europe is leaving remarkable traces than any other region in the world. To be more accurate, we are seeing more teams and players from Belgium and Netherlands rising, if we take the number of rising football players into concern. In European football Netherlands was the first country to start weighing heavier in terms of player density and importance, but now Belgium also seems to make similar impacts. If you haven’t understood the naming on this website already; BeNeFoot actually stands for Belgium – Netherlands Football. In this website, you would find out more details about the football statistics and events happening specifically in these two countries. They post up to 2 posts every day, during weekdays. It’s a very active website to say the least.

  • Bonus: The Boot Room


People now love European League football tournaments more than any other football tournament, except FIFA World Cup. European region in football is a happening place, every day every moment something interesting would be happening which will create a hype in the football world. If you want to follow the happenings in European football leagues then The Boot Room is the best website you should follow. However, the website is focused towards non-geek football enthusiasts, and thus not much of statistical data, numbers and figures would be found. Instead, the editor panel of The Boot Room soccer blog has focused on creating contents that are vague yet filled with information, engaging and of course, very well written to be pleasing to eyes, and soothing to the mind. The Boot Room is very active, they publish up to 3 blog posts every day and each of these are up to 1000 words long.


With Copa America and Euro Cap tournaments ending in very recent times, a lot of aged and young readers will be interested in reading soccer blogs for the time being – and many of these people will have the habit of soccer craze for the rest of their lives. Soccer is pretty addictive, and once you get some great reading materials to indulge yourself in, there’s no coming back. If you read this article, you already know where to start your football fanboyism in, we wish you good luck!

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