Inexpensive and Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Wife

There are many ways to show someone that you love them, and many of them are inexpensive. This Valentine’s Day, do not let financial stresses or a struggling economy get in the way of letting your wife or your loved one that you met on seriozni zapoznanstva website know how beautiful, special, and important she is to you. Valentine’s Day Gifts for your wife when you are on a budget are easier to find than you think.

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift requires you to think outside the box, which is a good thing because it will allow you to stick to your budget and surprise your wife with a gift that she has never received before. The perfect Valentine’s Day gift can be in the form of time, affirmation, or a personalized romantic gift. This guide has helpful ideas for all three types of budget Valentine’s Day Gifts.

Gifts of Time

Due to the hectic pace of my life, my wife values a gift of time more than nearly any other gift. Carving out a block of time for your wife will let her know how much you value her and how much of a priority she is.

Lunch Date – 

If your wife works, make arrangements with her workplace to take her away for a long lunch. Not only will you be giving her your time, but you will be making sure that everyone she works with knows how much you love her and how romantic you can be – this will be a gift in itself.

If your budget allows, buy a small gift card to a restaurant near her workplace to maximize your time together; if you don’t have the money, pack a lunch and plan to meet at a mall or park. In a small box, place the time and place she is to meet you and wrap it. Give it to her and tell her not to open it until you call her. Then, right before it is time to meet you, give her a call, and have her meet you. At lunch, don’t talk about work; instead, focus on her and let her know how much she is loved.

Dinner Date –

Take the afternoon off of work for yourself, and if you have kids, make arrangements for someone to pick them up and babysit them for the evening. At home, prepare her a homemade meal complete with her favorite wine or cocktail. A homemade three-course meal and a few hours alone with you will mean more to her than any night out.

Make sure to park down the street or around the block so that she does not know that you are home. Tape a simple Valentine’s Day card to your door so that she knows something is up. Inside the card put any instructions for her such as where to sit and what to do when she gets in. At dinner, let her do the talking and listen. Just let her know that you took the time away from your day to do this all for her because she is loved.

Gifts of Affirmation

Husbands, all too often, forget to tell their wives just how important they are, and they can feel taken for granted. My wife has often been brought to tears by a simple thank you for something that she always does, but is rarely noticed for.

Thank You Notes –

A week or two before Valentine’s Day, observe your wife and make a list of all the things she does to help you out. Things like making dinner, laundry, and making the bed are things that she does out of habit, but in reality, they are acts of love. Create a small thank you note a sticky note for each thing she does. Be specific and use words like “I appreciate it when…” or “I love it when…”

The night before Valentine’s Day, after your wife has gone to bed, go through the house and place the sticky notes. Make sure you cover all the things she might do in a day or a week. As she goes throughout her day, she will find a note hidden away in an otherwise ordinary task. She will glow as she realizes how important and appreciated she is.

Memory Notes –

If your wife is like mine, then she has thousands of photographs spanning the entirety of your relationship. She took those photos because she truly wants to remember those moments forever, and she really does value those memories. If you let her know how important those memories are to you too, you will make her Valentine’s Day.

Go through her photo collection (either digitally or physically) and choose 20 or so photos from your past that stand out to you. Using sticky notes, write a quick note about each one. Be specific about what you remember, or why you loved the event from the photo. Then, either print out or make color copies of the photos at your local copy center. Before your wife wakes up on Valentine’s Day, attach the photos and your notes to her bathroom mirror. Cover the entire mirror with your memories and why they matter to you.

Personalized Gift

My wife loves roses, but unfortunately, they can be very expensive. I have found that a few red roses, prepared correctly can be more special than two-dozen long-stemmed roses. The time, memories, or personalization that goes into a traditional gift of flowers is far more important than the actual gift.

Memory Rose –

Chances are you have given your wife many flowers over the course of your relationship. Do your best to remember as many of those times or events as you can. Jot them down on small, business card-sized pieces of paper. Be as specific as you can. Write down the day of a specific date you had with her, the birthdays of children, or special anniversaries. Then Purchase a single red rose.

With the rose, include a card that says “I bought you this rose to remind you of when…” then attach all of the special days to the rose with a red ribbon. The rose, if done right, will make her feel loved and cherished. She will be wowed that you remembered so many important things.

Giving your wife Valentine’s Day Gifts is not as complicated or intricate as many husbands think. More than any other gift, wives want to know that they are loved, that you care, and that they are the center of your world. If you can capture that and give it to her, your wife can have a special day that fits any budget.