Knowing Your 1 8 Weed

As with any popular product and illegal or banned products in the past, they are bound to have their own slang terms or secret codes. There are meanings and specific reasons for the slang words but we’re not going to discuss that. Instead, we’re here to discuss the slang 1 8 of weed that people use as a measurement of weed. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, veteran, regular user or someone that hasn’t been involved in a long time, term can still be new to you; especially since it hasn’t been that long since weed became legal in some countries and states.

1 8 Weed


Inside the whole industry of weed buying and selling, majority of the products are based on pounds. When you’re offered weed in kilos, we’re almost certain that you’re dealing with the wrong crowd and the wrong amounts of weed.

Basically, a pound is equivalent to 16 ounces, an ounce is roughly about 28 grams; it’s a little over than that, but for uniform measurements it’s rounded off to 28 grams flat. An ounce consists of 8 equal parts of 3.5 grams, so the term ‘eighth’. Why they are divided into eights instead of some other number, we don’t really know.


On an additional note, the term ‘forty sack’ and ‘eighth’ are not necessarily the one and the same. There are times when they are similar but that are not always the case, dubs and eights and the most common amounts of weed bought. Dubs are sold for $20, but it varies from one place to the next. A forty sack amounts to two dubs combined, so it’s quite different from an eight which typically amounts to 3.5 grams. If you bought an eight and it weighs less than 3.5 grams then you’ve been cheated, if it weighs more than congratulations!

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