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When celeb people need detoxification from drugs or alcohol ,it’s very likely that they go for the very luxurious drug addiction treatment venues available. Luxury rehabilitation centers all across the world are offering amenities quite far beyond that you may find in standard or normal treatment hubs. However, these facilities do come at a good price, and some individuals even find that the extra comforts had helped them in a recovery process which is:

  1. much more holistic.
  2. very pleasant & quite easier to stick to.
  3. much long lasting

Those who’re suffering from pain of addiction to drugs etc, they can surely turn towards these luxury rehab spots for having assistance with the detoxifying process, recovery & rehab treatment. The best rehabs in the world often cater to them who have high expectations in case of customer services and facilities found at many of the very famous resorts. Services found regularly at these centers consist of :


  • Acupuncture treatment,
  • The Aroma therapy,
  • Equine-therapy,
  • Golfing & relaxing games,
  • Different types of Spa’s.

Different types of programs :

  • Inpatient Rehabilitation Programs :

An Inpatient Rehabilitation program at most luxury rehabs provides the client with the feel of staying in a comfortable resort. These programs have combination of recreation with the classes specially designed to aid addicts recover & learn to adjust in a life-style independent from drugs & addictions that ruined their lives previously. These programs serve as a means of retreat, wherein clients can have a break from rigorous work schedule.

  • Inpatient clinics in comparison to Outpatient treatments :

Not every recovering addict will need to take-up inpatient services. Outpatient centers shall enable busy professionals, celebs and others for minimizing the time wasted in their addiction. Such centers also timely host follow up sessions along with their patients & may have quite large number of variable timings and schedules for meeting their client’s requirements. However, clients who are benefited from inpatient program often need to differentiate and keep out their personal lives from treatment procedure. This enables them to get back to their very normal routines once the treatment is done and they feel that they have good grip on addiction problems which ruined their lives before.

If you have been looking for some drugs or alcohol rehabilitation, you might wanna know that how much will your rehab program cost. The amount that every patient pays for receiving the drug addiction treatment often depends & varies with the location of particular center, its facilities and the treatment program it provides. The expenses of luxurious drug rehab center programs cost a lot more than standard rehab programs which may be run by the local city or state people or institutions. Some the prominent ones are described below :

1.The Aton Center, San Diego (California)

Aton Rehab Center is one of the highly luxurious addiction recovery centers located in the captivating beaches & mountains of San Diego region. Aton Rehab Center provides both the  traditional methods along with the holistic & alternative modern treatments.

Traditional cures include :

  • Some measures with medically assisted detoxifying.
  • Above accompanied by Behavioral therapy.
  • Individualized or personalized, one on one way of treatment.
  • The special family therapy.
  • The specific 12 step treatment.

The rehab center also has number of convincing schedules with holistic alternative methods :

  • Relaxing massage therapy.
  • Refreshing acupuncture.
  • Yoga, breathing exercises helping reducing stress.
  • Meditation.
  • Use of Hypnotherapy for controlling patients desires.
  • Personal training and assistance.
  • Eye Movements Desensitization therapy & Reprocessing (EMDR).

The Center also provides dual diagnosis program of treatment, which is quite LGBT friendly.

2. The Malibu Beach Recovery Center in Pacific Palisades(California)

Luxury rehab Malibu is one the very luxury rehabilitation center which is situated in the breathtaking South California, which overlooks both of the great Malibu Canyon and vast Pacific Ocean.

It provides some holistic and gender-specific program which is aimed for resetting the reward system of the brain. Detoxing, along with behavioral and Yogic therapy to facilitate the process of controlling the desires of addiction.


Special features include following :

  • Specific diet prescribed Malibu Beach rehab center.
  • Yoga and meditation.
  • Creative & Innovative arts therapy.
  • Giving Gender-specific treatment.
  • Both of the inpatient and outpatient treatment methods are taken care of.
  • Helpful Dual diagnosis method.

3. Sabino Recovery center at Tucson( Arizona)

This rehab center provides very holistic addiction controlling treatment amidst the much beautiful southwestern desert of Arizona. Along with detoxing, behavioral therapy, with the dual diagnosis treatment programme, and some other treatment modifications – the rehab provides wide range of naturo-pathic treatments and services for relaxing the client and pushing his addiction to lower limits, specialties here are :

  • Calm music & sound based therapy.
  • Creative Art & movement therapy.
  • Yogic asans, spas and massage.
  • Refreshing acupuncture.
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

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