Metal Gear Solid 4: A Mediocre Review for the gamers

Two things I feel are true.

First, Metal Gear Solid 4 is the best game I have played this generation.

Second, MGS 4 is the worst game I’ve played this generation.

Commence mind exploding… NOW!

Here’s an explanation of how I feel about the latest installment to the Metal Gear franchise: Kojima is now the George Lucas of video games. Remember how you felt when it was announced that Lucas was making new installments to the Star Wars franchise? For one, I was really excited. The poster with little Anakin standing in the desert with Vader’s shadow behind him made my blood boil with excitement. I couldn’t wait to learn the backstory of the best cinematic villain.

Then I heard the little kid speak in the movie. I swear I was brain dead for the next two hours.

That’s the gist of what happened for Metal Gear Solid 4. Kojima clearly produced the game without editing his story to a more quickly paced, concise and exciting game. Gameplay was perfected from the other installments; whereas, the presentation of the story took a dive. This is how it became the best game and worst game.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

Best of times:

All of the best moments were solely experienced with gameplay. This is definitely the most cinematic game ever created. You have your trademarked sneaking missions with seemingly infinite ways to handle each situation presented to you. And you have your shooter moments. Wow. Nothing beats riding on the back of Eva’s bike and slo-mo Matrix jumping over enemy humvees while shooting them from above. Well, maybe the ability to battle as Rex…

These are the moments the Playstation 3 gets to shine.

Worst of times:

25-30% of the cut-scenes were absolutely dreadful. I picture Kojima typing the script while trying to make every line of dialogue as epic as he could muster. It’s terrible at times. So much so that it takes the player out of the game. So much so that you will be tempted to skip cut-scenes. But you won’t. You musn’t dare if you want to know the story.

And you must know the story. The story is what drives you to play to the end. It sets up the epic battle between Snake and Liquid. Too bad most of the story was redundant, superfluous or painfully slow. At the end, there were two parts of the story that were never expanded upon which left me frustrated. These were the two most important aspects of the story as the game progressed in my opinion.

Honestly, I care about the story since I’ve invested my time in the other installments. But, there is never a need for hour long cut-scenes. The story could have been much better and tolerable if presented through gameplay and more concise editing of the script. Moments where characters repeat themselves or contradict themselves are never good. It’s sloppy.

Overall, the game took me 14 hours. Yes, it was fun, but I would have been happier at 10 hours. The time taken in playing of the games should be less. All the timing details of the games can be calculated from 먹튀검 verification websites.