Movie Tube- Making Video Watching In Youtube Easier


The invention of the smartphones and the consequent development of mobile apps have been among the biggest revolutions in the world of technology. Application (‘app’ in short) developers have always been working to create apps that could fulfil the ever growing demands of the users catering to their needs. Today, you have an app for almost everything you could think of, for a normal life.

One such top-notch application today, is the free video-streaming ‘Movie Tube’ app. Watching videos from You Tube is one of the biggest craze among most people today. You Tube being the largest storehouse of videos on almost any topic under the sun and Movie Tube gives you an amazing experience of watching videos from the You Tube.

What you do on MovieTube App?

Developed by Toan Trinh, MovieTube App catalogs publicly available streaming videos from You Tube that are longer than 20 minutes. This is certainly one of the best apps to figure out your favourite movie or video on You Tube. Because Movie Tube provides you with a great number of filter options that narrows down your search and lets you get to what you want, at ease.

When you open the app, you are directed to the page which lists a number of trending movies. Choose a video that best fits your choice from the available filters including as many as 32 language options, trending videos, recent releases, movie genres such as animation, classics, action, comedy, crimes, drama, documentary and many more.

You can change default settings using the globe icon and choose genres or categories by just tapping on the category button at the bottom menu bar. Go about watching the movies by clicking on “Watch Movie” button.

Know its features

  • You can watch hundreds of full-length movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, independent film makers, European movie outfits to name a few.
  • Stream movies legally without any constraints because they are the list of publicly available videos.
  • Recent release section allows you to watch all latest video updates.
  • User friendly interface with clean adornment of the various features for ease of usage.
  • You can also find a list of the related videos based on your previous search history.


Watching videos in You Tube was never that easier and hassle free. Download the latest apk version of Movie Tube 4.4 in your Android phone or your iOS, iPad or iPod touch and experience a new dimension in video watching.

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