No Pain, No Gain, No Weight Loss

When you log on to you will realize it a group of health enthusiasts that are eager to inspire and encourage everyone towards fitness and a better tomorrow. This boot camp is located in the amazing Chiang Mai Mountains and is packed with adventure and various experiences that you will find only in Thailand. The boot camp is designed in a way that offers participants an exclusive range of activities that encourage fitness such as circuit training, yoga, Muay Thai and various biking tours and aquatic exercises that are relaxing.


When you go to, you will realize that this is a huge opportunity for everyone to rejuvenate and also help renew their body and mind. While many boot camps would only concentrate on rigorous activities to help with weight loss, the boot camp in Thailand also concentrates on eating the right kind of food. This is helpful as far as weight loss is concerned. There are many meal plans that are offered to all the participants and there are many places in and around Chiang Mai that offers excellent quality food at an extremely reasonable price. Sticking to the meal plan along with the training activities of the boot camp will help with weight loss in absolutely no time.


Participants can also club the boot camp with various relaxing activities that will give them a chance to learn about the Thai culture as well. There are various spa and massage packages that offer a relaxing experience to the boot camp participants. Having such an environment to lose weight is perfect to relax the body and lose weight in absolutely no time. Make sure you log on to and check the various benefits of the boot camp and how it can benefit your body and your lifestyle.

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