Probiotics – A Promising Intervention for IBS, IBD, and Pouchitis

In my article, Probiotics – How Much Should You Take…, I discuss findings of three clinical trials that prove the efficacy of using Pharmax probiotics to alleviate and prevent intestinal problems like diarrhea, dysbiosis due to antibiotics, and the overgrowth of yeast. Probiotics have emerged as quite promising in the treatment, maintenance, and prevention of inflammatory intestinal diseases.

The small and large intestine are populated with different strains of live bacteria – some “good” like Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria and some “bad.” If the bad bacteria dominates the intestinal system, it becomes pathogenic. Normally, the good bacteria sticks to and coats the lining of the intestinal tract. In chronic inflammatory conditions of the tract, defects have developed in the lining, making it more permeable and allowing bad bacteria to coat the tract and eventually penetrate through the epithelium. The body’s immune system responds to the introduction of this bacteria, and inflammatory factors are released.

Disease can also be triggered by infectious organisms such as Salmonella and some e.Coli, viruses, allergies, and antibiotic use.

Why Pharmax Products?

Pharmax, a U.S. offshoot of the market leader of nutraceuticals in Europe, has done extensive research with specific strains of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria, and have discovered that four strains of these bacteria have proven the most effective in the treatment of IBS. Their trials also show that by using correct potency of these strains, symptoms of IBS can be significantly controlled, and remission can result. One product, HLC Synbiotic Intensive, also includes FOS, and has proven successful in the maintenance and even remission of IBD. In one study, remission was maintained in 85% of chronic pouchitis, compared to 0% in control patients, all of whom relapsed.

Pharmax Suggestions for IBS/IBD:

  1. HLC Synbiotic Intensive – 125 billion live cultures – Indicated for the maintenance and remission of IBD. Contains a highly anti-inflammatory strain of probiotics (L salivarius). Can quickly resolve dysbiosis.
  2. HLC Intensive Capsules – 24 billion live cultures – Indicated for dysbiosis and remission of IBD.
  3. HLC High Potency Capsules – 8 billion live cultures – Indicated for high level GI tract maintenance, prevention of dysbiosis, maintenance of remission of IBD.
  4. HLC Maintenance Capsules – 2 billion live cultures – Indicated to maintain optimal intestinal health in healthy people.

Here are some key points to remember:

  1. All probiotics are not the same quality. Read your labels – many contain only 2 billion live cultures.
  2. The correct strains of good bacteria need to be consumed, because they adhere better to the intestinal tract and others are more effective in lowering pathogens. Pharmax products contain very effective strains.
  3. The correct strength and potency of formulations are the most effective. You may need over 100 billion live cultures to reduce inflammation. Pharmax products contain high levels of cultures.
  4. Take your probiotic at the beginning of your meals – never on an empty stomach. There is a 90% survival rate of the good bacteria for Pharmax products in a full stomach.
  5. The lining of the intestinal tract is considered to be an immune barrier that protects us. Probiotics keep this layer healthy by continually stimulating it.
  6. When the good bacteria of the right strain is introduced, it then sticks to the lining of the epithelium instead of the bad bacteria. Pharmax’s strains have been proven to adhere well.
  7. As you grow older, you need a higher potency of probiotic to stay healthy – Pharmax suggests that those age 50 and above use higher doses.

Pharmax products are available through your natural healthcare practitioner. The age of the person should be considered while consuming mega spore biotic supplements. The cost of the supplements should be under the budget of the person.