PS4 Games That May Change Your Life

A lot of PS4 games, and games exclusive on other platforms, are fun but there a few that may very well change your life; this happens when the storyline or the characters stick with you long after you’ve finished the game. Finding that kind of game is a mission in itself because there are dozens to choose from and it’s not like everyone could purchase every newly released game on an annual basis; QQ Domino is among the fun games. Here are some of the games that may just fit into your favorites.


Shadow of the Colossus

Unlike a decade ago, not many games feel like special and fresh despite efforts of developers but Shadow of the Colossus could be the exception to the rule. The original is already enjoyable as it is but the latest installment effortlessly displays high definition. The story revolves around the journey of a boy in his mission to bring back the one he loves from the afterlife by vanquishing sixteen giants. Even the setup with its atmosphere and barren lands tells their own story as you travel on horseback in search for one colossi at a time. Every attack option is unique and the correct sequence will bring them down.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z

The Dragon Balls franchise has certainly entered varying industries from manga, toys, movies and of course console games. What Dragon Ball Fighter Z offers that other installments failed to achieve is making the player feel powerful. That task sounds simple enough but what we mean is the kind of power that blows lets the character point their finger to the ground and destroy everything. Dragon Ball Fighter Z is equal parts action and fan service on top of shockingly brutal fighting styles and techniques that you’ll surely love.