Quick Guide To A League Of Legends Account

League of Legends is a multiplayer video game developed by Riot Games. It is available for Windows and Mac OS.

League of Legends uses a system for ranking players with similar skill level known as League System. In this system, players are given League Points (LP) and a hidden Match Making Rating (MMR).

League Points (LP)

League Points are awarded to a lol account when the player wins a ranked match. Similarly, LP is reduced if the player loses a ranked match. The LP that is awarded or reduced depends on the hidden MMR. A lol account having high MMR gains more LP and an account having low MMR gets less LP.

A lol account is ranked based on different tiers that are listed below.

Note: Although the MMR tier breakdown is not publicly available, the below data is close to the real values.


  • Bronze : 0-1099 MMR
  • Silver : 1100-1399 MMR
  • Gold : 1400-1699 MMR
  • Platinum : 1700-1999 MMR
  • Diamond : 2000-2500 MMR
  • Master 2500 MMR +:
  • Challenger : 3000 MMR +

The Challenger tier is the highest tier in the lol. It has the most competitive and skilled players.

All the tiers except Master and Challenger have five divisions. The divisions are I, II, III, IV and V.

A normal lol game lasts between 20 and 50 minutes, although it can also last for an hour. A lol match can be played in four different modes.

  • Ranked

In this mode the matches played are competitive and can be played by only those who have reached the highest level, which is 30.

  • Normal

In this mode, a server tries to match players with equal skill levels. Players can also create a custom team of players.

  • Custom

Custom mode allows players to set the number of players they want in a team up to five players. The players can set the properties of the session and this custom session can also be joined by other players. Bots can also be added to fill the team for the remaining positions.


  • Co-op Vs. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In this mode four random players are selected with you to form a team of five members for playing against a team of five random bots.

Players register a unique lol account name which is known as Summoner Name. Every player gets to choose a champion which can be used by only him in the game. A team can be formed with three or five players and the opposite team should have the same number of players. LOL can be played with strangers, friends or computer controlled Artificial Intelligence bots.

While playing a lol account earns in-game currencies such as Riot Points (RP) and Influence Points (IP). These are used to purchase champions, custom skins for the champions, boosts or Runes which can be used to increase the power of a champion during the match. Runes cannot be purchased using Influence Points, but only through Riot Points. There are millions of active users playing lol every month.

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