Real Estate: Sims Urban Oasis And The Visionaire


Real estate is used to refer to the land and the property in the piece of land. Over the years, the demand for housing has constantly been rising while also the supply has been increasing too though there has been a mismatch. The following article reviews real estate in Sims Urban Oasis and the Visionaire.

Sims Urban Oasis is a ninety-nine-year leasehold residence, and it is located at Sims Drive of District 14 in Singapore. Sims Drive is situated next to Aljunied station. The expected date for the completion of the project is 2018. The project is expected to have 900 units while the residents will be in a position of quickly accessing the nearby Paya Lear Square. Sims Urban Oasis will provide residents with convenience as they will have different modes of transport connecting them to the city at their disposal. The area brings together the historical monuments, shopping malls and famous eateries.

The Sims Urban Oasis is the best location for those in search of a place they can stay in Singapore. The residents will have a chance to take their children to the best school that are found in Singapore. All the social amenities such as gym, swimming pool, barbeque pavilions and health centre are available in the area.

The Visionaire project was completed in 2008. It is located at 70 Little West Street in Battery Park City in New York, USA. The project is a certified LEED Platinum. The Visionaire housing project has 251 apartments that have floor to ceiling windows. The windows provide best possible views of the Hudson River. The open kitchens are fitted with energy efficient appliances. The apartments are strategically positioned as residents can view the Manhattan Skyline. Social amenities are in abundant in the area including a children’s playroom.

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Real estate is improving day by day, and everyone prefers being a resident of an area where almost all amenities are available. Therefore, the real estate developers are working to bring most of the amenities together.


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