Saving Money with Freebies and Samples

Many of you know that some companies give away free samples of their products where in-store or online. But did you know many people take these items and save TONS of money from them and even MAKE MONEY off of them?? Besides all these hacks you can also read Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 review to learn about the ways you can make money.

Yes, you read correctly. Let me start by telling you there are 100’s of coffee samples out there monthly. So much so that I haven’t bought coffee in almost a year! And I drink a cup or two daily! Yes, that’s right! I have compiled a current list of Coffee Samples in my blog. Most of these samples will give you about 4 cups of coffee some less and some more but usually 4 cups. Money saved: $20+ a month.

Yet another way to save money is don’t ever buy calendars. At the beginning and end of every year, many websites and companies give out free calendars! The ones you buy at the store can cost you $8-25 dollars and if you are like me I have at least 3 in my house for different uses. Here is a Current list of free 2008 calendars. Money saved: $25

One thing that makes life easier when you have a lot of mail to mail out is return address labels. Many of you will spend $10 on 100 of them and depending on how fast you go threw them you could spend $20 a month or so. I am a member of many coupon groups and I mail out at least 7 envelopes a week PLUS birthday and anniversary cards and bills etc. Many companies will give away free address labels because it’s free advertising for them! Money saved: $10 a month

Now having a baby can be expensive the clothes and formula and toys and diapers, it really adds up. Well, many people don’t know many companies try to help out moms, some only first-time moms, some moms of twins or triplets or more, and some single moms. With these companies, they give out baby blankets, formula, diapers, toys, clothes, books, and more. A friend of mine applied for all the freebies on THIS LIST and got a year of baby formula (she didn’t need it all and gave some away), about a year’s worth of diapers, baby blankets, coupons for food and so much more. Money Saved: $200+

One more thing to think about many campaniles give out shampoo and conditioner samples and this is enough for about 2 washings. Along with lotion (about 2 uses worth) and deodorant (about 2 weeks’ worth) and Toothpaste (about a week’s worth) samples. Many can be found just by going to the company’s websites plus all these samples come with coupons for the product, many are $2 – $3 dollars off. Money saved: $20+ a month.

Now I did mention you can make money from these freebies. I wasn’t lying either. Now you have to spend a little money to make it but if you go to the dollar store you can get some baskets and some tissue paper and some cellophane wrap and here are how you can make money from free samples. You can package like a sample like say a shampoo and condition lotion deodorant and toothpaste sample along with coupons in a given basket and maybe add a toothbrush and hairbrush to the basket and sell it on eBay or Craigslist. Now you spend about $4 on this basket and you can sell it for about $10 that is $6 profit for you! Now for the coffee sample, you can get a coffee mug from the dollars store to add to your basket if you want to use the baby freebies you can add a pacifier or bib. You can also sell a batch of calendars say 5 calendars at a time on eBay you don’t have to put them in a basket or anything you can make about $5 for this and you didn’t spend a dime! Many of the baby samples are full-size formulas and such you can sell on eBay and make about $5 or more for. Money MADE: $6+ a basket, $5+ per eBay lot.