Sisal Rugs The Best Natural Fibre Rugs

Natural fibre rugs have gained immense popularity in the past few years and quite preferred over the rugs made of synthetic materials like nylon. Natural fibre rugs are quite sustainable as they are made of sustainable and renewable materials. Wool, seagrass, jute, coir are a few natural fibre rug material options but sisal is the most preferred choice. Sisal rugs are made of the fibres from the sisal plant and there are quite a lot of reasons for choosing sisal over other natural fibres.

Why choose sisal rugs?

  • The fibres of the sisal are quite tough and strong more than the other natural fibres, which is why sisal rugs are considered to be the most durable amongst the various carpeting options available. Sisal is also used by the auto-industry for fibreglass, because of it being so durable.
  • Sisal looks quite rich and is worth looking at. The sisal fibres are woven in a way that they blend and fit into any decor. Moreover, sisal can be woven into different looks and patterns.
  • It is a natural fibre material, so it is non-toxic which is good for those people who are allergic and have asthma. Also, unlike the synthetic materials, the sisal tugs don’t damage the air quality of homes.
  • Sisal is known to be biodegradable, as it is made of natural fibres so it won’t take up a lot of space in the landfill once it is worn out.

  • It is a low-maintenance natural rug option, regular vacuuming is enough to keep the rug in a good condition.
  • It is not very flammable.

Sisal rugs are the best natural fibre rugs available in the market today but if softness is your priority then jute might the best suitable option for you.