Super Bright Cleaning: Move-Out Cleaning Services

Cleanliness is important, whether you are living in a house, or you are moving out of it already. In the case of the latter, getting a house well-cleaned prior to having it sold can actually increase the chances of the house getting sold at a much higher price, apart from good sales-talking among the real estate agents. Cleaning for move-out services are much more expensive than that of regular cleaning, as it’s more thorough. If you want to be assured of the cleanliness, then get a cleaning services in San Diego which offers an expertise in cleaning services for moving out, and one of these companies is Super Bright Cleaning. Here’s a closer look at the moving-out cleaning services that they offer.



For the rooms, super bright cleaning dusts baseboards, windowsills, blinds and ceiling fans, as well as spot clean walls and door frames. They also vacuum carpets and remove cobwebs in order to make the room as sparkly clean as possible.


The kitchen, including the sink and counter, cabinet doors, microwave and stovetop, inside of cabinets, in and out of refrigerator, broiler and oven, as well as chrome fixtures and the sanitizing of surfaces can all be done by Super Bright Cleaning.


The bathroom is one of the trickiest to clean, as there are elements in it that need special care. This includes the shower, tub, and toilet, cabinet doors, inside of the cabinets, as well as polishing of chrome fixtures and the sanitizing of surfaces.


Windows are fragile and need extra care so as not to prevent it from getting scratched. This includes the cleaning of window sills, screens and tracks, as well as the washing of the inside and the outside of glass. They do it with the utmost care and patience.