The Best Portable Console

Gaming is not an extra curricular activity but it is a way of life. It has been accepted as a legitimate sport by many universities in the United States and will accept students that excel in that sport. There are so many gaming consoles like XBox, PlayStation and Nintendo. Nintendo even has their own line of portable gaming consoles. Nintendo 3DS is one of them and was launched in 2011 at a price of $249.9 which was later reduced to $169 and that made it one of the most successful handsets produced by Nintendo.


This gaming console is unique as it allows 3D graphics to work without the use of any 3D glasses. This console features an augmented reality with Street Pass and a 3D camera which helps the owner play virtual reality games. It also has the feature to play games which were made for comparatively older consoles and and also the feature of using social network on it and also has other features like streaming Netflix and YouTube and also has it’s own browser. It also has an online Nintendo shop. You should definitely go for the new Nintendo 3DS that has a more powerful CPU and new analog keys and a better camera.



There are many websites that provide free games for your console even though the process is illegal but it is definitely worth a try. All you need to do is download the 3DS ROMs file, Read Only Memory file from websites like and then just extract the file. Click on the file you want to download and choose the decrypt version. Wait for 50 seconds and then click on download. Download the file through Utorrent and then set it up on your console. It is petty simple and you you will find several links on YouTube that instruct you on how to download and extract a ROM.

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