The Importance of Seasonal Hunting

While many people find it a nuisance to be able to hunt certain animals during times of the year, it is imperative that these laws are followed, so these animals will be around for future generations to enjoy. Hunting also serves many ecological purposes. These hunting practices must take place in order for ecosystems to be maintained at a high level of quality.

If hunting was not regulated, and was allowed to take place throughout the year then we would see an extensive wipe out of several species within only a matter of years. An example of this occurring is the first wildlife act that was ever made in the United States, which was a penny bounty on every wolf killed, also stated by This was because wolves were considered dangerous and a threat to people and their livestock. It was not before long till the Grey Wolf had been extirpated from the most of the United States. For enhancing the experience of hunting, duck calls for beginners will be beneficial. Through the calls, the birds will be attracted towards the voice and get hunted through the person. 

It was lessons like this that made people learn about keystone species the hard way. After, wolves and cougars had been removed from the wild in many areas, we had a significant explosion in deer populations. This of course is why deer numbers must be controlled in many areas, since deer also bring their own collection of ecological disasters that could be considered detrimental to human well being. One example of this is overgrazing on crops, as one of the major problems in keeping gardens in the northern United States is keeping deer out among a myriad of other problems as stated out by

However, we can not just get rid of the deer, as they provide many ecological purposes, as well, and not just for recreational purposes for man. It is not just deer that need to have the numbers controlled for the benefit of ecology and human beings, as well. Humans have pushed various animals to the brink of extinction for several reasons. Some of these animals that have almost been pushed to extinction is the beavers, and minks for their respective pelts.

However, there is a critical problem with hunters hunting when it is out of season. This puts the future of these animals in peril, these hunting off seasons give these animals a time to restock their numbers, as the off season is usually during the animals breeding season.

Luckily, for the most avid hunters there is always an open season on something. The Feral Pig is an example of this, as they are an invasive species, and most states like Texas do now have a closed season on this hogs. Not to mention their meat is leaner than regular hogs, and if harvested at the right time, is better tasting.