The Ultimate Source Of Spam And How To Avoid It

Are you ready for the ultimate secret, the source of all the annoying spam you’ve ever received in your email?

Okay, I’ll tell you. The ultimate source is none other than YOU.

Yes, you, my friend, are the source of all the spam. Well, not directly anyway. You see, if you just use your email for chatting purposes on Yahoo Messenger or AIM, chances are, you’ll never see spam for the rest of your email life. Spammers only obtain your email when you submit it to websites. And we all must admit to the fact that we always use one email address, our main email address, to submit to different websites around the internet.

For example, if you joined a simple membership site, you would more often than not be required to input your email address in order to validate the account registration. When you sign up for these membership sites, you are actually granting them full permission to sell your address, along with many others, to third parties ( a. k. a. Spammers). How do you avoid this? Check the site’s Disclaimer or Privacy Policy. If it’s a legitimate website, it will have one. Once there, read through it and try to find all the information concerning what they do with your account information.

This is also how internet marketing companies work. As you give your email to any of the websites online you will start getting emails from different companies as your email is now in their database. This is the way through which some of the companies try to expand their reach. However, this is not a sure shot method, when it comes to customer acquisition. 

If you try really hard to find the information, you will more often than not find a short statement in the fine print stating that they will not sell your email address or any other information. However, there will always be that uncommon, demonic site that will not state anything similar to this in their Privacy Policy and actually sell your email address to third parties. Beware of these.

Aside from these, when you sign-up for free offers or trials, you will find yourself being requested to input an email address. This is again, a way for spammers to obtain your email. The website sponsoring the free offer or trial will usually sell your email to spammers in order to pay for the “free” in the “free offer”. Not exactly free, is it?

But it doesn’t end there. The most proficient way spammers use in order to obtain your email address is by using automated software that scans websites for live emails. Live emails are in the form of and they are easily picked up by this automated software. Some advanced software can even find email addresses, not in the live form!

So, with all these innovative ways to steal your email address right under your nose, how do you protect yourself? The truth is, security measures against spam are dwindling due to the increase of spammers.

But there is a timeless secret that will always be useful: use a scapegoat email address for all your endeavors. Make a fake email address from a free service like Gmail or Yahoo, and use it all the time for your unprofessional internet surfing. Never again will your main email be spammed!

Imagine that: the greatest force of spam can be defeated with the simplest answer any internet newbie could have given. You see, it really pays off to be simple.