Top Rated Online Puzzle Games And Unblocked Games At School

Puzzle means a problem or a twister or a toy that examines the person’s ability, creativity, innovation, insight and knowledge. To achieve the correct solution in a puzzle, one has to think in many different possible ways. Puzzle games are available in different types based on the interest and ages, such as logic puzzles, cross word puzzles, number puzzles, word search puzzles etc.. Puzzle games online have become more famous now a days. In this globalized world almost everyone has the smart phones in the hand and like to play games for time pass and also for relief. To cash this many online gaming companies provide the puzzle games in the market based on the interest of the people. Puzzle games makes us to think out of the box and give the brain the thinking ability.

Google play store and apple i-store provide many different types of the online puzzle games. From physics to word game, from logic-maths we can find every type of game which twists our brain. Here are examples of some of the most famous online puzzle games


2048: The main objective of the game is to slide the number block to sum them to form the number 2048.This is one of the most played puzzle game in many countries.

Doodle god:  doodle god is a unique puzzle game. The main objective of the game is it starts with 4 elements fire, wind, water and earth and we have to discover 111 main elements by thinking through different combinations.

Continuity:continuity is a puzzle game. The designing and graphics look simple but the game is not so simple. Slides tile around to go from one room to another, recover the key and go through the door for next level.

Empty room escape:empty room escape is nothing but you are trapped in the empty room you need to escape from the room by examining carefully for the hidden items and places will assist to open the lock and escape from the room.

Two dots:two dots puzzle game main objective is to connect the dots of same colours, sinking anchors and break ice etc. online multiplayer feature is also available where we can compete with our friends.

4 pics one word:the objective of the game is we have to find the one word from 4 pictures which are related to the word by using the set of the letters given below the pictures.


Unblocked games at school:

This is a free online gaming site which provides a collection of huge number of entertaining and very high quality games. The site is free and unblocked so you can play the game anytime or anywhere.

Many parents and schools block the online games from their children in order to make them concentrate on their studies. But the proven fact is that study with no play makes their mind dull. Unblocked games at school provides an opportunity for children to break their shells and get some entertainment and time pass. This online site consist of different categories of games such as thrilling, exiting, and funny, puzzle, action, adventure, creative games which makes mind fresh and relieved.

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