Turkish Pestemal

A traditional Turkish towel is known as a pestemal. It is a thin piece of a woven cotton cloth which is used to cover the parts of body or hammam. It’s another use is that people wrap it around the waist while working so as to prevent the contamination of clothes. It has been a part of the traditional Turkish culture and has reached to the present generation witnessing the Turkish hammam era. It is a part of a traditional culture. Though these towels are very famous all around the globe, but in the Mediterranean region it is demanded the most and in some parts are also known as fouta.


Turkey is famous for its very fine cotton which is extremely soft and also has a great absorbing power and dries up really quickly in a very less span of time. It is also very light in weight and can be stored in a very small space. It is also very easy to carry from place to place and is used as an alternative to the ordinary bathroom towels. And with regular and frequent washes, these towels become even more absorbent and soft as dove. So, all these features make the Turkish cotton ideal for making these famous towels which are also known for their absorbing power and super soft fabric all across the world. However, besides cotton, they may also be made up of silk or linen. And one more point that adds to the authenticity of these towels is that they are produced in manually operated industries in Turkey. There are various types, colours and designs available in the local areas in Turkey and hence also used to specify that which people belong to which region and culture.

In different cultures, the very same product is known around by different names. Different names are prevalent in different regions like sarong in Asia, kikoy in East Africa, kanga n Africa and several others. Also, there are endless utilities of these special Turkish towels such as it could be used as a bath towel or a beach towel or even as a hand towel, known as peskir. Due to the immense popularity of these high quality and luxurious towels, there are several stores worldwide which deal in the same. All these stores and franchisees dealing in these towels ensure that the product they deliver and deal in is of the best quality and that the customer is fully satisfied with the services provided by them.

Once you start using these thin and absorbing towels, chances that you would return to the ordinary terrycloth towels are very less and rare. They also do not give out musty smell due to the quality of drying up easily. So, if you have not used this amazing product so far, trust me, you have been missing out which is really something very useful. So, go ahead and give yourself a try and feel the classic traditional Turkish bath like experience.

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