Unfold The Mysterious Phases Of An Ultra Modern High Tech Game!!

A ragdoll based physics game that has not only occupied a secured place at the digital platform but also in the corner of the hearts of many, is none other than happy wheels. An exciting flash game with a myriad of twists that have the potential to surprise the players, happy wheels has indeed a lot to offer to the online gaming enthusiasts. Created by Jim Bonacci, happy wheels has been distinguished from the traditional games and with the new and unique elements in the game, it has successfully managed to become of the favorites for many at the digital arena.

Speed up and win the race!

The player has to select any of the characters in the game such a man sitting on a wheel chair, go ahead to cross the obstacles ahead and reach the finish line alive. Consequently the primary goal in the game is to reach the finish line after crossing the hindrances on the pathway. So, we can say that it is an obstacle pathway game and the player who stays alive till the end is the winner. The element graphic violence has been used phenomenally in the game and this particular element has made the game popular and admirable. The rise in the popularity of the game has given rise of the sequel of the game that is being referred to happy wheels 2.


There are a diverse variety of changes and also many upgrades that have been made to the first original installation so as to make the game even more exciting and thrilling. The funny theme songs are similar to that of the old version that is greatly played in the sophisticated background as the player maneuvers the obstacle course of the game.  With a user friendly interface along with simple control methodologies, this game has become an integral part of the leisure time of a number of individuals. Eventually the game has also amplified the speed of the bikes and unlike the original first version of the game, the player can move even faster and reaches the destination on a rapid pace. We all know it is about crossing the obstacle course, therefore there could be accidents, fractures, injuries and a lot more, but it is important for the player to stay alert and use strategies to stay alive till the finish line.

Characteristic high points of the game

  • The developers and the creators of the game have redefined the magic by maintaining the original and indeed the best characters from the first version of the game. Apart from the old ones, there also has been an addition of some new characters.
  • The graphics of the game have been modified and they seem to be phenomenal and much more visually beautiful than the old version of the game. In fact, in the sequel of the game, the specific visual graphics have been creatively and smartly enhanced and sometimes, players land into a crush intentionally just to experience the gruesome incidents that are a part of the influential element of the graphic violence.


  • In the game of happy wheels 2, there are many innovative and brand new levels that have been added to bring on the zesty flavor and let the players get an enriching experience all over. Moreover, each specific level has its own rewards and also a brilliantly developed way to progress the act of reaching the destination line.
  • Visual dynamics of the game are much better and enhanced from the first version and hold the potential to keep the players for a longer span of time. The exquisite arena will keep the gaming enthusiasts engaged and let them enjoy the game to the pinnacle.

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