Ways To Extract Content Or Images From A Pdf File Format

The PDF file format is the standard for document nowadays. Most people use PDF file format for their agendas online, whether on submitting projects, sharing documents, etc. We previously talked regarding PNG to PDF editor. Now, we tackle the opposite, the extraction of text or images from a PDF file.

Here are some ways to do so:

Using OCR tools

FreeOCR is a software that allows you to scan a PDF file and convert it into a text or doc format. This makes texts in PDF so easy to extract and edit. FreeOCR is also free to download on your website, unlike other premium OCR tools. It does the job pretty well for a free software, and trumps other website based OCR tools in terms of text conversion accuracy and the number of files that can be converted.

Using a PDF reader

Adobe Acrobat has a function to save the PDF in image files, such as JPEG, TIFF, and PNG. This has advantages over using OCR tools because it can save pictures as well. For the text in the documents, you will probably want to use OCR for its ease of use. Use both in tandem, OCR for text and a PDF reader for images and your PDF extraction and conversion problems will be solved for sure.

Using Adobe Photoshop

The best thing about using Adobe Photoshop in extracting text and images in a PDF file is its many tools and functions to make sure that you can extract both pictures and text from a PDF file. Additionally, it can function vice-versa. In addition to extracting images from PDF, it converts other files such as JPEG and PNG into PDF. This way, Adobe Photoshop can technically function as a PNG to PDF editor.