What Are Wall Stickers?

Two of the several things that are being intertwined when it comes to meaning and usage are wall stickers and wall decals. While they may sound the same, the reality is, they are not. Yes, we admit that most of the times, we use both terms in a slightly confusing manner. So, to finally break the confusion, this article will clear everything up once and of all.

One of the basic and simple ways to differentiate stickers and decals is that stickers you stick while decals you transfer. Usually, stickers are described as an adhesive product that you peel off the backing paper before you stick it on whatever surface you prefer. Stickers are also made from wide variety of materials but most of the time, they are printed on PVC-vinyl or polyester. 

On the other hand, decals are transferred from one area to another. While stickers need 2 parts, decals need three such as the actual sticker, backing paper and a transfer surface o top. Decals are like a ham sandwich. The backing paper is the bottom bread, and the cheese and ham are the sticker and the transfer is the top bread. 

Another thing about decals is that it is made up of part like patterns or letters. Through the transfer surface of wall decals, it can be easily attached on the wall with the same spacing. Hence, you won’t have a hard time dealing with it or transferring it to any surface. 

There are also geographical differences between sticker and a decal. In Europe, people seem to keep thigs very simple and just bundle everything under one general term. Hence, you can see the word transfer sticker instead of decal. But basically, they are just stickers. So if you are in Europe, it’s recommended to search for transfer stickers while decals if you are in the US. To learn more about stickers, you can visit Kleebised seinale.