Xbox 360 Vs. Nintendo Wii

Why? Because, lets face it, the PS3 is getting owned in the market. It is out of the competition. Personally, I went out and bought the Xbox 360 because of the great titles, and because of its great online features. Recently, some of my family members bought me a Win as a gift. At first, I did not think I was going to like it, since I was a Microsoft fanboy. After giving Wii sports a spin, I quick changed my decision. And then, an idea came to me and I said to myself, “It would be a great article to write about my experience as an Xbox 360 and Wii owner!” So here I am, writing about my experience with the Xbox 360 and the Wii.

This debate will never end, but this is just my side of it.

Graphics-The Xbox 360 wins easily in this department. The Xbox 380 supports 1080ps and the Wii only supports 480i, which is standard def.

Price-The Wii is significantly cheaper, meAning more young people will consider it. Also, Wii games, on average, are approximately $10 cheaper than Xbox games.

Variety-I would have to say that the Xbox 360 has more variety than the Wii. From games like Rock Band, to NBA 2k8, to Call of Duty 4, you will never get bored. Most of the great games for the Wii are Mario games from Nintendo.

Controller-Most people are likely expecting me to say Wii, but that is not the case. The Wii-mote is definitely a very cool controller, but it isn’t quite as responsive as I hoped. When I was playing Wii boxing, I tried to do hooks and uppercuts, to no avail. It started doing these weird, twitchy motions instead. When I just started flailing wildly, it threw hooks and uppercuts. Sometimes, creative ideas are hard to implement into games. Besides, I like to get lazy and sit back on my couch to play games. With the Wii, I have to stand up and get a/l into it.

Online-Xbox live is infinitely greater than any other online gaming service I have ever seen. Period.

Features-The Wii has backwards computability, and it can use Game cube Controllers. The Ni also has a nice internet browser that can conveniently browse Situs Judi Slot for online games which can only be accessed with the help of computers. However, the Xbox 360 can play DVDs, supports voice chat, and you can rent movies, and watch TV shows on it. It also has much more demos and downloadable content in the XBL marketplace.

Fun-The most important category. It is hard to say. The Wii is more fun when it comes to sports games, but the Xbox 360 is more fun when It comes to shooters and action games. I think that this argument has to go beyond gaming. Ok, the Wii really doesn’t have much outside of gaming, so I have to give this one to the Xbox 360, which can play, DVDs, music, and much more.